Ride it like You stole it..


Rider data

ADV/stunt rider

  • Skills level: PRO
  • Location: Opolszczyzna
  • Email: endurakadv@gmail.com
  • Specialization: Adv, Stunts, Enduro

Definitely one of the most talented and recognizable ADV riders in Poland. He belongs to the group of the very few people who mastered the technique of riding these motorcycles best possible way. Insane number of hours, kilometers, successes and failures resulted in great control over heavy motorbikes on the level that most of us can only dream of. Currently, Endurak is taking up more and more difficult motorcycle challenges. You can see his stunts in the video compilations alongside other famous players that you can find in the gallery below.


Number of years spent on the bike resulted in some interestick facts.

Number of riding years

Current bike weight

Number of destroyed bikes


Obstacles 90%
Wheelie 90%
Drift 85%
Safe crashes 100%
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Courses, trips and trainings

During training and trips with Endurak you will not pay attention to the beautiful landscapes, mixture of his riding skills, creativity and riding style overshadows the eye-catching mountain views. Driving with him besides delivering real pleasure gieves You amazing adventure, so during trainings with Endurak you will have the opportunity to discover completely new options on the routes that you have known for years. The difficulty level of training is always adjusted individually depending on the participants skills level. When riding with better riders the ability to learn how to ride through observation is a very important element of Your skills development , so learn from one of the best.

Individual and group courses

Individual and group courses

Enduro trips

Enduro trips

Enduro trips and trainings

Enduro trips and trainings

Enduro show events

Enduro show events




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